Life Coaching


What is life coaching?

Life coaching is about helping you get from whee you are now to where you want to be much quicker than if you were working alone.  It is designed to increase self-belief or self worth by identifying and breaking down barriers related to achieving specific goals.

Life coaching at Savvy Style

At Savvy Style, life coaching is provided by a British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies Accredited and Independ Cognitive Behavourial Therapist (

Sessions occur weekly, fortnightly or monthly and are usually 60 minutes long. Sessions can be undertaken via telephone or video call. During the session, you will reflect upon your current circumstances and together with your coach, work to establish a personalised plan of action to achieve your desired goals.

The relationship between you and your coach is seen as a partnership, in which our coach will encourage you to explre how to make positive changes in your life in order to move from thinking to action.

Support and feedback will be offered to you to help you to maintain focus and motivation on achieving your goals.

Within this process, cognitive behavourial techniques and strategies are utilised to equip you with the tools necessary to overcome potential barries that prevent change. All discussions between you and your life coach are confidential and you will not be forced into any decisions / activities you are not happy with.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is an evidence based talking therapy, which focuses on the here and now.  In keeping with life coaching principles, CBT offers a structured and practical approach to  achieving goals by challenging limiting beliefs e.g. ‘I’m going to fail’,  which  act  as barriers to achieving your potential.

Why life coaching with a CBT therapist ?
  • ~ Robust training  undertaken ensuring high standards
    ~Registered with a professional body (BABCP) ~Commitment to Continuing Professional Development by attending training courses
    ~ Regular supervision received to maintain a high service quality
Areas supported by life coaching

Self-confidence | Self-esteem |Lifestyle goals | Career change | Business Basics Relationships | Stress management

Work life balance  | Public speaking Time management | Adapting  to lifestyle changes | Coping skills | Emotional regulation

Pricing: £75 per session

Minimum of 4 sessions recommended to benefit from coaching

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